So, here we are then, my first sentence. I decided to write a blog. Or, I should say, I decided to try and write a blog. I’m not sure if blog is even the right definition. It was during a 6 and half hour drive from Cheshire somewhere to Padstow, doing the usual endurance test of putting off stopping as long as possible, that my mind was off wandering and I made the decision to write down some of the crap going through my head and document some of our adventures before I forget the details. I’m very forgetful, but more of that later. As you’ll see, this is more of a cathartic exercise so I’m not sure if anyone else will actually read this.

Anyway, how rude of me, I guess I should start at the start. So, I’m Neil, 41, husband, dad, uncle, son, grandson, friend, colleague, gardener, cook (chef was too strong a word), creative, thinker, geek.. I could go on, but like everyone, I’m many things to different people. I’m a northerner. I had to say that as I think it’s important. It is to me anyway.

I like reading good books. I have done for quite some time now. We’re a bit obsessive about buying and collecting books, my wife and I. And I like writing. At least writing in my head, since that’s were all my writing is done up till this point. But more on that later I’m sure. For quite some time I’ve wanted to write a book, but the subject and the starting out had always got the getter of me. Occasionally I’ve wrote a chapter in my head and then forgotten it before getting it on paper. So (I start sentences with that a lot it seems), so I decided to start with a blog instead. And it worked, I’ve written typed some words. Hurrah. I just need to make sure I get my thoughts in some sort of order now.

It’s not my intention for this blog to be like a dear diary or something, that would be an epic fail for me. But since I’ve started this in the middle of a family adventure then I do fear it may start out a bit like a series of diary entries. So predictable I know. Well, I’m not sure where I’m going with this prologue or how to finish it other than to say I better get on with the next bit before I forget it….

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