“Did you remember I’m out with Sarah and Lauren tonight?” She said.

“Erm, of course I did” I fibbed. Fibs are ok occasionally, whereas lies are not. That’s what we taught the kids anyway to account for the times we have to ‘fib’ to them but they of course outsmart us.

It was a rare occasion for my wife to go out for a night on the town with her sisters and lovely that they have such a good relationship to do that together. Well that was that and out they went leaving the kids and I to the delights of Saturday night TV. Now, I’ll cut a short story even shorter and just say that there was a mishap during this night out that involved dancing, wedges (a type of shoe I’ve learned), and a possible fractured foot. My heightening worry was quickly allayed by my wife’s rattling of the key in the door at stupid am. Phew. Quick sleepy discussion about the night and something about falling and foot hurting.

5am, 6am (I forget, it’s not important now), we need to go to A&E. In summary, there’s a suspect fracture. Don’t walk, drive or do anything and here’s a moon-boot. Great, we’re trying to sell our house and going on holiday in 2 weeks (the holiday we’re on now while I write this). I know I might not sound sympathetic but I was, and still am. To be fair it’s a nasty injury and hurts a lot. I guess I was just a bit frustrated with the amount we had ongoing on. The holiday – a week or so in Cornwall, preceded by a weekend at Camp Bestival in Dorset.

For a couple of years now my wife has been wanting to have a UK holiday in Cornwall and not particularly being a fan of the English weather I’ve always managed to come up with excuses. But this year I relented. I actually quite liked the idea. But I wanted to make the most if it and hit on the idea of taking in a family friendly festival in Dorset first and then going along to Cornwall. That way we reduce the travelling and do something great and completely new to us in between.

Just over a week till holiday. We were in countdown mode. Then we got the phone call. My wife’s grandmother (nanny fish- another story) had passed away. It wasn’t unexpected but yet the final-ness of death is no less difficult to take. She had been in a residential home and had been succumbing to her dementia for quite some time. We were all very sad but I think mostly for my father-in-law having now lost both parents. I guess it’s the brutality of mortality that hits you on these occasions and acts as a stark reminder of what is to come. But then, we must concentrate all the more on what comes before – life.

It was a couple of days before funeral arrangements were confirmed and gave us a but of anguish regarding what to do about this holiday. But that will become clear.

Anyway, that’s the backdrop to this first act and although the true beginning is probably way back when, I’m sure much of that will be covered some other time. That is if I continue with this writing lark but so far so good (or bad- you decide).

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