Thursday – day one

It had been a very restless nights sleep following a very busy last day at work. Don’t holidays always get in the way of work. Before and after you have so much to do that you wonder if it’s actually worthwhile. Well then I guess we just need to make sure it is worthwhile.

My anxiety was already surfacing. Between sleep I’d spent the night time hours thinking about everything that I had to not forget in regards to the holiday. What else did I need to put in the caravan? What time did we need to set off? What was the route again?  Are there roadworks on that route? What would traffic queue be like getting into the festival? I hope the kids will travel well. Is the house tidy enough for Tony staying? Oh I must remember to write his instructions – how to use the microwave and what commands to shout at the TV Xbox thing. Chicken food, dog food, phone chargers. Sleep again.

6.20am. Holy crap. We’re supposed to be setting off at 7am. “Quick Anna, its 6.30”. “Huh, yeh”.

After an hour and a bit we had monouvered the caravan back onto the road, hitched up, added the towing mirrors, tested the lights as we always do. No indicators or anything. Oh shit. Starting to panic a bit now. We should have left ages ago, now this. Argh. After stomping around a bit and stomping in the house to tell Anna, I tried again and again again. Car off, car on. Disconnect, reconnect. Reverse, forward, reverse. Eventually, weather by correct combination, fluke or just nudging a loose wire, they seemed to start working. Right everyone in let’s get going. Oliver- “I’m bored!”.

After driving for days and weeks (actually only hours) and a couple of stops we started to get close. We knew because of the event signs, the number of campervans on the road, and the ETA on the satnav. Which actually kept getting later. As the roads got smaller, narrower and all markings disappeared we seemed to join the back of a queue. We dug out our tickets etc. Yellow car park entrance. The queue ended up passing every other entrance as it wound its way slowly round the whole castle estate and every other entrance. We drove in on a pretty poor hardcore track and up a grassy slope into the caravan and camper van field. I held my breath and prayed not to get stuck as the car groaned and lost traction multiple times on the ascent.

The field looked full. Is this right? I thought we were a day early. We were directed to the edge of the field were the last remaining space was quickly being filled. Up to this point everyone was in very civilised and orderly double rows with plenty of space and nice avenues between. But as we were directed as to where to place our caravan by a very agitated young girl, clearly feeling the pressure, it became evident that they were running out of space and we were being squeezed in as much as was possible. Back a bit more back a bit more, bit more. But their ‘extra’ tent is where our awning is supposed to go. Oh well this cosy. Then as we set up and more arrive I find we are in the middle of a three or four row mush mash of coziness. How the hell am I going to get the caravan out this side of Christmas? Feeling a bit anxious again.


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