The Memory Keeper’s Shawl

This is one of my works in progress, the Memory Keeper’s Shawl by Linaknits.

The concept of this pattern is to use left over bits of yarn from completed objects, along with a constant colour, this helps blend them together.

The texture of the shawl is soooo squishy, love love love it. I haven’t finished many items to date, plus the left over yarn I have from those items I am using in a Granny Stripe Blanket (thats my excuse for buying yarn and I’m sticking to it!!!!).

The yarn I have used is by an independent dyer called Kate Selene. I have had my eye on her yarn for AGES!!! I treated myself during the kids summer holiday and purchased some of her minis. I choose the 100’s n 1000’s colourway, this recalls childhood memories so it will still be a “Memory Keeper’s Shawl” just in a difference sense.

As a child I can remember making mini Victoria sponge cakes with my Mum, covering them in icing and finishing them with 100’s n 1000’s, yummy!!!! If I had to choose between a fancy cupcake with buttercream topping and embellishment, a humble sponge with white icing and 100’s n 1000’s wins for me everytime!

Even today 100’s n 1000’s are a permanent fixture in my parents cupboards. Isabella loves having ice cream at Nanny and Grampy’s because it is finished off with a delightful sprinkle of 100’s n 1000’s.

I have only rekindled my love for knitting since February of this year. As well as creating beautiful objects, knitting is a therapy for me. I’m not going to get too deep too soon!!!! It just helps to focus my attention on something else and slow down my thoughts.

When this shawl is finished it will be for ME ME ME!!!! Can’t wait to have it wrapped over by shoulders, book in hand, cup of tea and candles lit. I’m ready for you Autumn, hurry up!

Pattern: The Memory Keeper’s Shawl pattern by Linaknits (I purchased this pattern on Ravelry)

Yarn: Kate Selene – 100’s n 1000’s – fingering weight yarn

Drops Flora – light grey – fingering weight yarn

2 thoughts on “The Memory Keeper’s Shawl

  1. I love the colours in your shawl. I also love knitting and like you say, it is great for concentrating your thoughts/mindfulness. Please post a picture when it is finished, I would love to see how it turns out.


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